Wednesday, 19 December 2012

a sincere sort of disarray

i rambled on and on today
like it was something
i just had to say
sharing wilted anticipation
unsure expectations
hidden neath' the syntax
whence in truth
all my mind did
was circle back

to the shape of your mouth
       when you leaned up close
                and angled it against my nose
                         the spiraling thump, deep
                                     deep in the pit of of my stomach

the tranquility of closed eye lids
    and your ever so little parted lips

 what does your tongue taste like?... i mumble
like yours, you reply
what does mine taste like ?
tu hamesha sahi baat bol deta hai jaaneman

still part shy and part overwhelmed
i bury my head in my arms
whilst needy fingers
ache to push your hair back
like daylight savings time


this is where i ought to insert
..............*.case foreclosed *

and then
        morning after
zero fluidity
               dark emotions akin
to moles on skin
 that won't get rubbed off

in this sincere disarray
i wonder some more
remember ?
the month of june
on the phone,
the song i belted out totally out of tune

pausing the stirring of spoon
                                                   at the glint of honey in my tea
                                                                                if its still me ?

© Sonny

 another wonderful night of poetry at dVerse,



  1. Love closes every tear in the fabric of the life you wear so beautifully in your poetry ...

  2. *sigh* oh yes, it is you ........still...sonny at her best ........ lovely.......

  3. smiles....was a fun ramble....what does my tongue taste like...ha, a fun bit of conversation that...pushing back the hair like daylight savings time...there is some nice intimacy under this as well and introspection...

  4. someone is feeling it ..... winks.....
    you weave magic with your words....

  5. This is beautiful sonny, I love it.

    Hope you are well my dear.

  6. There are so many lines in this I would like to cite as my favorite but I would have ended up cutting and pasting the whole thing. This just oozes creativity, Sonny.

  7. Beautifully written, with some unexpected and surprising phrasing :-))

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