Friday, 25 March 2011

mundane stuff of ordinary kind .............

Footfalls echo somewhere
in the deep recesses of my being
it seems my memory has developed wings
back and forth, back and forth
tantalizing me with all sorts of things....


Some of the ordinary stuff
that's still with you......

a wet October morning
treasured letters few
fifteen moonlit nights


five wordless moments
a couple embraces tight
tinkling of my bangles
the salty smell of your ocean
washing that always got wet
a single white carnation

all evaporated now
like drops of dew....

This mundane stuff of ordinary kind

somehow i seem to have left behind
scattered around your heart
in unsuspecting places

thoughts of me will always crop up
in lingering traces....
Difficult to gather, for aught i can say
so unrecorded did it slip away...

Bottle it up if you can
and post it to me
treasured or gathering dust
of what use it is to thee?

Footfalls echo somewhere deep down
and fade...
down the road, which we did not take
in moments
when i least expect it
my feet  falter and slack
hoping in vain
to hear words
that call me back.......

*this is also an effort to share with you all...what i viewed from my lens this past week. The prompt is for

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Of lunar madness, sultry nights and crinkly voices


Well, technically speaking its not really a moonlit night, since it isnt a full moon....and yet your magic is as grand and as subtle as ever . what it is about you that wreaks havoc on mundane hearts and minds ?
That something...that elusive quality i cannot put my finger on, that unsettles me so much ?
This combination of a night rendered even more thirsty and sultry after a hint of rain with the faint smell of wet soil and freshly washed linen..... 

You see......that is what i am supposed to be doing . Hanging clothes. I have always liked to dry the clothes out on the line at night , some weird notion of saving their colours from the glare of the sun . 
And here i sit.....crushing a shirt between my fingers , staring at the moon . I suppose it looks the same everywhere .
Even far far across the pacific.....or the other side of the globe , where a pair of blue eyes have forgotten to look up and stare at it.
Why does the sight of watching it getting enveloped by a black cloud render me mirroring a shy woman hiding her face in the warm expanse of a chest.....? 

See ?
It is this. This is what i am talking about . This mind boggling power you wield over us lesser mortals........just when we think, we have mastered it all and get back to doing what we ought to be hanging laundry or writing grocery lists......let down our guard and wham.......before we know, one look at the moon......the chemistry of a wordless night and strange buried yearnings and an ordinary soul transforms into a dreaming fool wishing on shooting stars and angels and listening to songs that remind them of crinkly voices ........

i suppose i ought to finish hanging the clothes...hmmm ?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

the averted shot wednesday ~

Standing disconsolate 
as if
wrapped in a threadbare shawl
of contrived patience

parched with thirst
on an endless road
of transient fate

a mute testimony of the human rat race
this eye sore of urban decay
scurrying feet...
the averted face
screaming silently 
of the rot within 



Two for tuesday.....~

" a lifetime of ambiguity
some splashes of breathing spaces
and my world seems restored again..."



Thursday, 17 March 2011



I've felt the numerous unspoken dreams in those eyes
i've seen the yearning behind the confident facade
the pull of a kindred soul
solitary walks
is there a name for this
isnt it enough that i felt it
it is after all just a feeling
to be felt in your soul
like footsteps fading away
if every stirring was analysed
reason behind that warm rush of joy
on hearing that twinkling laugh
or a slow smile
a moment shared
isnt it enough that i felt it
like my secret box of memories
taken out now and then
as i sit all alone looking out of my window
and feel again
the pleasure of undefined moments
undefined bonding
undefined silence
that speaks a thousand words
its enough that i've felt it
some things in life
are simply to be felt
its enough


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

a quietness prevails ~

In the stillness that precedes a tempest
a quietness prevails
in the quiet of an afternoon spent alone
a pause sucked swiftly back inside
chasms deep and wide
the comfort of everyday familiar things
dreams rooted in hammocks and porches get wings
a world away
a navy sky grows weary of the blue


This is my first post for ONE SHOT WEDNESDAY I am indebted to Jilli and Brian for introducing me to this or i may very well never have known about it and missed reading interacting and more importantly for being able to peep inside the minds and hearts of so many amazing poets from around the world.

green.......focus 52 [march 13 to 19 ]

Hullo peeps....i saw this thingy on jilli's page and and a challenge, two fings sonny can't resist....

THE THEME this week is GREEN.....and i may very well do it all wrong and post more than required or less....but here goes my effort....

I have yet to find a backroad that does not beckon to be explored....and sometimes, when we do
life surprises us in the most amazing manner, with discoveries and hidden symphonies and leave us awash with memories that last beyond a lifetime ,as if cementing the fact , that all love stories are not epic novels, some are haunting short stories, but just as special.......



   Bridges of madison county ~


the glint of silver, caught beneath an imposing moon
as fireflies lurk and haunting junipers tiredly swoon

a struggling effort at dispelling those naked illusions
shedding the scab on prying echoes of dry reflections


The photograph was clicked one muddy morning from my balcony in the middle of nowhere , when i was getting bored, some six months ago. As i looked into the garden below [ which was flooded with rain water ] something made me bring my camera and its funny what the lens will see , never visible to the naked eye

clicked with my canon S3 IS .


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

cynicism beckons....reality bites

picture found on flickr

Hypocrisy these days, comes sheathed in beguiling laughter
push it under the microscope
remove that layer of false hope
do explanations really make everything hunky dory
time and again
time and again
the same monotonous dribble
obvious lies that bite and nibble
accentuating blissful acceptance
acceptance of one's own weaknesses
the inability to shrug fears
oh i couldn't bear
stupid notions cling
doubts permeating the very pores of the soul
like endless needles that sting
wearing hot pink wouldn't really solve the problem
or dying the hair sassy red
when that self worth seems long dead
why get sad
get fucking mad
stark raving mad
but for a change, direct it to self
for letting the rigor mortis set in
while the lava still flowed through the veins
to be so bloody obsessed with only your pain
letting the bitterness envelope you
wearing hot pink won't really help
while you still persist in clinging to your melancholy blue


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

capturing the afternoon sun.....the sonny way ~

Not so lonely anymore......
i think i finally have a tenant .

"How swiftly the strained honey
of afternoon light
flows into darkness

and the closed bud shrugs off
its special mystery
in order to break into blossom:

as if what exists, exists
so that it can be lost
and become precious"

lisel Mueller


of bumble bees and moments lone

she wonders if bumble bees feel lonely and mundane too
tired of monotony ,
 indulge in make believe games few
sit squat atop that bud ,
 exuding an air of nonchalance
that focused steely glance....
so easy to gloss over it all
amid the prettier flowers and colours of fall
standing at her door
she wonders a whole lot more
focused on mending that blazer and the favorite toy
why boys
or for that matter men ....are always allowed to be boys
she wonders
if the bumble bee imagines itself
 to be a high tech drone
like her wearing that fur hat
playing sultry siren in moments lone
so easy to gloss over it all
shift focus
so easy
to miss it all..........


Sunday, 6 March 2011

I bite me ~

Every day, to stretch my wings, i want to fly
i want to be on a permanent high
every day i want to dream some impossible dreams
of cozy fires, burnished woodsmoke, some dancing sunbeams
a fire within my belly, undisturbed and aching
a need so strong, defies all logic
to believe in the existence of magic
i want to be loved like i never have been
to shed all effort on my part and simply lean
for a change, to be given, more than i can give
forever till eternity or as long as i live
o to be cherished beyond imagination
adored, pampered, so much and so bad,
drenched and soaking in those countless sensations
every day to be touched and become part of a whole
rid of all insecurities, you surrender your soul
not just be a ray of sunshine , in your darkest hour
but a part of you, even when your ship's sailing at full mast
every morning , to be your first thought of the day
yearning to be with me in a thousand different ways
i want flowers, chocolates and precious notes tucked here and there
to be wooed nice and proper,
glowing with this secret knowledge, as people stop and stare........
oh yes i want it all
shifts the ball into your court
now its your call 

sonny[ all rights reserved .]