Tuesday, 26 April 2011

and so....i write to thee ~

 There when forgotten and gone when remembered
two super nova's that keep eluding each other
the trajectory all preset
from a solitary quiet
to an enduring quiet
lose focus, hold tight
and the essence is lost
close your hand and watch the sand slip away
a union as certain as night receding into day
most together when unaware of the togetherness
like well worn coats that keep away the chill
wear each other
why tether
some needs are like a peregrines call
insecurities never get translated into trust
throw the dread face down into the ground
bite the dust
a softening that opens into sun drenched awe
an awe that brings forth an all consuming passion
herein lies the cessation
of twoness
moving to the stillness beyond self
granting full range
from one end of the spectrum to another
a scale of tender giving and gentle receiving
i bloom
i grow
and i simply wanted you to know.............

* Submitted for my favorite "ONE SHOT WEDNESDAY " and the "WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE ". [ The subject is----ONE ]

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

weekly photo challenge...

One of my greatest comforts in life is to be able to find genuine calm in the little  ordinary scenes around me and peer at them through my lens....
saw the challenge on fridge's page and felt like participating....


Taken at my kitchen back door....can't beat the play of light , incomparable eh ?


Tuesday, 19 April 2011


One more time with trepidation today
breathing in the smell of your shirt
i tried to find a way
to somehow lessen the hurt
 i have got to find a way to get you gone
you have been with me far too long
 i have got to find a way
to get rid of this gray
 journey back or forward
the answer eludes me now
those sharp points of resolution
need to figure out how
 to be able to see once again
the beauty of petals covered with drops of dew
the calmness that early mornings used to bring
the magic of a chilly evening in myriad  hues
 to believe once again
that my birds do bring hope
that a god does exist to help me cope
look again into my own heart and assert
that loving you completely was not a wasted effort

 to be able to one day
simply turn around
and not feel let down, 
by every memory
of each moment coated with early morning light
if only for me, both the place and time was right
to be able to smell your shirt
and not get engulfed with hurt



Tuesday, 12 April 2011


the time lag between two consecutive breaths
a moment infinite
stretched beyond limits
to unexplored dizzying heights
to try and capture its essence
ready for combat
on our side of the fence
tis but a wasted effort on your part
to own
put a stamp of possession
crushing out the magic before it starts
those weird slanted feelings
that are just so
standing under the shower
i scrub hard

 resist every effort, they just won't go 

those weird slanted feelings
that are just so
you run, try to hide
snuffing their existence
and yet, like unwanted weeds
they simply grow
that darling...i guess
is the tragedy of life
a churning cauldron of emotions
collected moments of strife
just take you by surprise
like a blast of chilly air
smack in the face, however wise
devoid of planning
or strategies involved
like summer rain.....no reinforcements called
i can go on living

or without you
stretching my moments
dwell in this time lag
minus the blues......                                 


Sunday, 10 April 2011

poetry soaked in rum ~

Of newly washed linen that flutters on the line
of misty foggy moments that seem all mine
utter bliss of lazing in the winter sun
inexplicable sensuousness
as bumblebees drone and hum
decadent hours whiled away
 picking shapes from wispy clouds
who cares if the red of my toe paint seems loud
wafting aroma of cinnamon sticks
  a hint of cardamom and saffron
 my senses pick
how come Shakespeare never wrote a sonnet
of sinful mornings soaked in spicy rum
when just the fragrance of rosemary
is enough to inspire some
eying the jars of spices lined up on the shelf
i share a smile with myself
a morning summed up as poetry in itself


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

losing your only umbrella..........

How do you miss something 
that you never really had  
an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach 
no pain involved, hurts just as bad 
how do you go through the motions 
day in and day out 
a screaming silence,
nobody to hear you shout 

how do you get over the feeling of gentle sadness 
of pinning your hopes 
moments of madness 
on somebody undeserving 
its like your prince charming 
played a game 
promised to but never came

Tuesday, 5 April 2011



Burgundy tones of hair so thick
the subtle sure knowledge
i can have my pick
the flaring of my nostrils
the intensity of my gaze
non confirming
setting hearts ablaze
or acknowledging
your worst fears
wearing my need
like the backless black dress
showing my finger to those too scared
not daring to ever bare
hypocrisy at its peak
i'd rather digress
not waste time to chastise the weak
it will always be about me
me me and yet more of me
damn sure of those second looks
purging my heaving core
by hook or crook
unabashedly untamed
oh yes!
i know how to retreat
yet, lay my claim
burgundy tones of hair so thick
the piercing green intensity of my gaze
about time
it set your god dammed mind ablaze


# picture courtesy- THE SNAFU DANCE THEATRE

Monday, 4 April 2011

through the looking glass ~

Today i believe In my ability to see beyond the obvious closing my eyes to what is right in front of me. i believe in the thin line between over powering-in-your face giddiness and smoke screens. In signs from above in the pull push tug of war between karma and kismet IN retaining memories of each raw season spent alone I believe in the thin line between precious true words and synthetic noisy bauble in hearts with pure intentions and things with inevitable endings
to go beyond the thinking
to stop hiding
hiding behind a falsetto note
of a grin and a ya

i believe in giving up i believe in hoping he might see past I BELIEVE there is no innocence either way you're accountable .....In forgetting birthdays and refusing your bff and then feeling guilty. I believe in going home... in the power of coffee in my childhood swing and rain on your mothers porch

i believe in the embarrassed flush of reaching one impasse after another .I believe in dangling bare naked feet in a pond and wanting your picture taken.I believe in wondering whether this would be classified as being vain.I BELIEVE in the algebra of infinite justice


Sunday, 3 April 2011


Taken just a couple of days ago.......this photo barely fits jilli's challenge for her colour board .....One of those mornings when waking up early and sneaking out into the garden before anybody is up pays off gorgeously....