Monday, 4 April 2011

through the looking glass ~

Today i believe In my ability to see beyond the obvious closing my eyes to what is right in front of me. i believe in the thin line between over powering-in-your face giddiness and smoke screens. In signs from above in the pull push tug of war between karma and kismet IN retaining memories of each raw season spent alone I believe in the thin line between precious true words and synthetic noisy bauble in hearts with pure intentions and things with inevitable endings
to go beyond the thinking
to stop hiding
hiding behind a falsetto note
of a grin and a ya

i believe in giving up i believe in hoping he might see past I BELIEVE there is no innocence either way you're accountable .....In forgetting birthdays and refusing your bff and then feeling guilty. I believe in going home... in the power of coffee in my childhood swing and rain on your mothers porch

i believe in the embarrassed flush of reaching one impasse after another .I believe in dangling bare naked feet in a pond and wanting your picture taken.I believe in wondering whether this would be classified as being vain.I BELIEVE in the algebra of infinite justice



  1. Beautiful post. The photography is brilliant!

  2. the statement of belief woven through...i dance that thin the msg onthe overpass and the pics are gorgeous...

  3. Amazing combination of verbal/visual imagery, Sonny... very nicely done! :)

  4. I really like the interplay of glorious images and statement of faith.