Tuesday, 19 April 2011


One more time with trepidation today
breathing in the smell of your shirt
i tried to find a way
to somehow lessen the hurt
 i have got to find a way to get you gone
you have been with me far too long
 i have got to find a way
to get rid of this gray
 journey back or forward
the answer eludes me now
those sharp points of resolution
need to figure out how
 to be able to see once again
the beauty of petals covered with drops of dew
the calmness that early mornings used to bring
the magic of a chilly evening in myriad  hues
 to believe once again
that my birds do bring hope
that a god does exist to help me cope
look again into my own heart and assert
that loving you completely was not a wasted effort

 to be able to one day
simply turn around
and not feel let down, 
by every memory
of each moment coated with early morning light
if only for me, both the place and time was right
to be able to smell your shirt
and not get engulfed with hurt




  1. writing IS a good therapy...and they say that scents are rooted deep in the subconscious..good capture of emotions sonny....and hope you find the sunshine again..

  2. wow...i so get this...and to have the shirt...the smell always bringing back those moments...yeah i do...

  3. your poem so elegantly yet painfully expresses letting go...the words bruise one's heart as they clearly and vividly allow the reader to feel your loss...grieving is a process which has many facets...but writing as you are allows you a tremendous release as your poem so delicately does...there are many people who will surely relate to your poem (me included)...your writing is beautiful...

  4. this is really great, so much emotion here. when my husband is not home, i wear his shirts to bed. if he were to leave for good, i don't think i could bear to wear his shirts without feeling immense pain. great job!

  5. Oh...this is so poignant. I have felt this way, too many times. Thank you for writing this...it made my heart turn over, you know?

    PS--I like your scripty font.

  6. Thirty years later, I still occasionally catch that smell in memory and tears come. But the beauty of petals won a long time ago, and the moment passes. I think that smell is the cruelest sense we have.

  7. i was thinking....

    this is like
    wearing my heart
    on his sleeve...

    jeez...am actually smiling...

  8. letting go feels like cutting off a hand - and again and again our senses betray us.
    Great poem.

  9. I love this..so beautiful !

  10. The focus on the shirt is perfect. It contains, and does not contain, the person. Full and empty at the same time. The way our feelings in such times can be...

  11. Still have Mama's robe tucked away... she's gone 12 years now. Once-in-awhile I give it a hug. Scent no longer lingers. What an intimate write of love...

  12. Oh so beautiful this write of love, written with love! :)

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  13. Wonderfully done... as always, Sonny! :)

  14. Ah...what a great poem for anyone who has tried to bring someone back by smelling their clothes (not the dirty ones). :-)

    I remember when my husband was away at boot camp, opening his drawers (no, not those drawers) just so I could get a whiff of him.

    Nicely done, Sonny!

  15. Scents do linger on far longer and deeper than any other sense detects.

    A most heartfelt poem!

  16. After a particularly painful break-up, I went into the guy's house and took one of his shirts out of the hamper because I needed the smell of him. Painful, so painful.

  17. to be able to smell your shirt
    and not get engulfed with hurt

    Such moving verses makes the heart feel heavy, a beautiful poem.

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