Wednesday, 6 April 2011

losing your only umbrella..........

How do you miss something 
that you never really had  
an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach 
no pain involved, hurts just as bad 
how do you go through the motions 
day in and day out 
a screaming silence,
nobody to hear you shout 

how do you get over the feeling of gentle sadness 
of pinning your hopes 
moments of madness 
on somebody undeserving 
its like your prince charming 
played a game 
promised to but never came


  1. Amazing how you read my soul. Lovely to the last drop.

  2. hey val.....jus one of those moods....pms and poetry go beautifully hand in hand

  3. mmm...those last couple lines on prince carry a lot of emo with this one...

  4. who knows who's hiding an emo lingerie under a backless black dress

  5. Very powerful
    (I'm sorry I use that sentence all the time around here... but it's true... and I'm not very good with 'the words', you know...)

  6. oh this makes me feel sad - but a beautifully expressed sadness..

  7. Ack. That hits a little to close to home about a recent event in my life. (Going to go make myself some tea now. sigh.)

  8. @fridge...from day one...i love getting feedback from you...cuz somehow...even though its one rings sincere..thank you !

  9. claudia...well..ya...i was sort of blue...

  10. @ sam is it that tea resolves anything and everything...?

  11. well penned.

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    hope to see you in ASAP…..

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