Sunday, 6 March 2011

I bite me ~

Every day, to stretch my wings, i want to fly
i want to be on a permanent high
every day i want to dream some impossible dreams
of cozy fires, burnished woodsmoke, some dancing sunbeams
a fire within my belly, undisturbed and aching
a need so strong, defies all logic
to believe in the existence of magic
i want to be loved like i never have been
to shed all effort on my part and simply lean
for a change, to be given, more than i can give
forever till eternity or as long as i live
o to be cherished beyond imagination
adored, pampered, so much and so bad,
drenched and soaking in those countless sensations
every day to be touched and become part of a whole
rid of all insecurities, you surrender your soul
not just be a ray of sunshine , in your darkest hour
but a part of you, even when your ship's sailing at full mast
every morning , to be your first thought of the day
yearning to be with me in a thousand different ways
i want flowers, chocolates and precious notes tucked here and there
to be wooed nice and proper,
glowing with this secret knowledge, as people stop and stare........
oh yes i want it all
shifts the ball into your court
now its your call 

sonny[ all rights reserved .]


  1. Me too!

    so nice to see you here :)

  2. there ought to be a special sash for my first commenter ....grins

  3. This is so lovely. Did you write it?

    Thanks for sharing this poem. It takes bravery to share personal thoughts and weave it into something so beautiful as a poem.

  4. yes...i DID !!!!

    all my poetry is my own....and thank you so much for stopping by !