Wednesday, 9 March 2011

cynicism beckons....reality bites

picture found on flickr

Hypocrisy these days, comes sheathed in beguiling laughter
push it under the microscope
remove that layer of false hope
do explanations really make everything hunky dory
time and again
time and again
the same monotonous dribble
obvious lies that bite and nibble
accentuating blissful acceptance
acceptance of one's own weaknesses
the inability to shrug fears
oh i couldn't bear
stupid notions cling
doubts permeating the very pores of the soul
like endless needles that sting
wearing hot pink wouldn't really solve the problem
or dying the hair sassy red
when that self worth seems long dead
why get sad
get fucking mad
stark raving mad
but for a change, direct it to self
for letting the rigor mortis set in
while the lava still flowed through the veins
to be so bloody obsessed with only your pain
letting the bitterness envelope you
wearing hot pink won't really help
while you still persist in clinging to your melancholy blue



  1. Have you been to this blog ~

    I think you might like it!

  2. sonny.... this is a beautiful and poignant post. So glad you stopped by, and that i found you afterall.

  3. @ jilly
    i will do that now jilly...i really loved his page...thank you for telling me...i adore poetry prose and photography ...especially the amateur one...

  4. @ wendy....i was sort of ruffled up that day when i wrote it...
    ruffled up with self...sometimes, its the best thing to be...