Friday, 25 March 2011

mundane stuff of ordinary kind .............

Footfalls echo somewhere
in the deep recesses of my being
it seems my memory has developed wings
back and forth, back and forth
tantalizing me with all sorts of things....


Some of the ordinary stuff
that's still with you......

a wet October morning
treasured letters few
fifteen moonlit nights


five wordless moments
a couple embraces tight
tinkling of my bangles
the salty smell of your ocean
washing that always got wet
a single white carnation

all evaporated now
like drops of dew....

This mundane stuff of ordinary kind

somehow i seem to have left behind
scattered around your heart
in unsuspecting places

thoughts of me will always crop up
in lingering traces....
Difficult to gather, for aught i can say
so unrecorded did it slip away...

Bottle it up if you can
and post it to me
treasured or gathering dust
of what use it is to thee?

Footfalls echo somewhere deep down
and fade...
down the road, which we did not take
in moments
when i least expect it
my feet  falter and slack
hoping in vain
to hear words
that call me back.......

*this is also an effort to share with you all...what i viewed from my lens this past week. The prompt is for


  1. smiles. i can appreciate this on multiple levels sonny...the road not taken, the things left behind and some days still hoping to hear the call to come back...very nice...

  2. so beautiful Sonny... often it is the ordinary that holds the most sanctity if we take the time to appreciate these small blessings.

  3. What an impressive weeks worth of work, Sonny!
    I love the tonality/color balance/saturation in these - you always do an amazing job of capturing/creating the 'feel' of your subject(s)... beautifully done! :)

  4. you always have such wonderful photos sonny...also love how you capture the feeling, the smell of these roads we never took and wish somehow, we had..

  5. Thanks for sharing your week. Nothing ordinary or mundane about the way you share it!

  6. Mundane things can be the most wonderful of all.

  7. Lovely photos and words. Nice view :)

  8. @ fridge-

    thank you !
    when i write and when i take a picture...there is only one thing i look close my eyes and hear if it speaks to me....and to somehow convey to my readers what i was feeling without confusing them too much...

  9. @ claudia

    we wish
    we always retrospect

    but if wishes were horses...beggars would ride...smiles.

    i just love it when you stop by...

  10. tracy....

    one of things i found so appealing about you and your blog is its simplicity...there is so much confounding stuff to deal with in our day to day lives...a pleasing picture and your words feel like iced tea ...grins

  11. your photos and words are lovely. nice blog!

  12. This mundane stuff of ordinary this.

  13. Your photos and words really drive home how I need to look at my world around me a little different. You really have inpired some thinking.

  14. These are fabulous and moody and I love the processing and glimpse of your world.
    Well done!