Thursday, 17 March 2011



I've felt the numerous unspoken dreams in those eyes
i've seen the yearning behind the confident facade
the pull of a kindred soul
solitary walks
is there a name for this
isnt it enough that i felt it
it is after all just a feeling
to be felt in your soul
like footsteps fading away
if every stirring was analysed
reason behind that warm rush of joy
on hearing that twinkling laugh
or a slow smile
a moment shared
isnt it enough that i felt it
like my secret box of memories
taken out now and then
as i sit all alone looking out of my window
and feel again
the pleasure of undefined moments
undefined bonding
undefined silence
that speaks a thousand words
its enough that i've felt it
some things in life
are simply to be felt
its enough



  1. smiles. love the memory box touch...flipping through them (for me my journals) and recapturing some of those memories...and this also speaks to me of unfulfilled longings...maybe its just me..

  2. Yes, the warm rushes of joy are enough without trying to explain them :) love the look of you site, too.

  3. Very nice...
    I'm quite jealous of your way with words, Sonny - I struggle to put together one coherent sentence!
    We both used Polaroid frames today - interesting! :)

  4. Lovely. I agree with the sentiments, sometimes it is enough we have felt something. And try as we might, there are so many emotions and nuances that we just can't define :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment. You have a very nice site, an uncanny knack for putting words together and some killer photos. Looking forward to spending more time here. (Plus my handwriting looks really nice when I leave a note!)