Tuesday, 22 March 2011

the averted face.......one shot wednesday ~

Standing disconsolate 
as if
wrapped in a threadbare shawl
of contrived patience

parched with thirst
on an endless road
of transient fate

a mute testimony of the human rat race
this eye sore of urban decay
scurrying feet...
the averted face
screaming silently 
of the rot within 




  1. wow sonny the reality we would rather not see...thanks for putting it in our face..smiles.

  2. more like an observation brian....

  3. I am very envious that you can come up with such descriptions for your photos. The mood as communicated with mouth and eye fit perfectly together here.

  4. This might be my favorite yet, Sonny!
    The history/rise/decline here is fascinating - amazing work!

  5. oh tracy...that is so sweet. The photo was clicked one morning as i stood in a balcony on the sixth floor of our building...overlooking the surroundings...i stood wondering how we all want a balcony with a view...how we want to focus on the trees and the clouds, the mind is conditioned to just gloss over the ugliness that surrounds us...be it mental or physical...

    infact , when my husband saw this photo...he asked...where did you click that !!!...same balcony...he never even noticed the car...

  6. @ fridge....from day one, you bring a smile to my face with your sweet appreciation..thank you...it really means a lot.

  7. Sonny, I am new. Beautiful imagery.

  8. so am i....though i stand in front of the mirror and call myself refreshing...grins

    thank you ever so much for stopping by ....(((hugs)))

  9. "Parched with thirst" -- completely! A wrenching write, glad to have found your poetic spot here in the universe!

  10. Hmmm - the pair are to me a balance
    I sense the desconsolate decay and yet the picture has a sense of symbiotic peace
    what kind words you conveyed about my poem - thank you

  11. Hi, thanks for the visit. I love old cars and buildings being re-claimed by the earth.

  12. wrapped in a threadbare shawl
    of contrived patience

    Great lines!

  13. So very easy to turn away from what stands right infront of us. Your words have lifted the shades and have thrown light against what many would chose to ignore. Great one shot!

  14. @ moon....

    i suppose its all a matter of perspective. the picture above does not to me in any way depict peace....
    to me, there is no beauty in it...it IS an eyesore. an eye sore that might at times appeal to my artistic roving eye but still an eye sore...

    and to me ..it depicts our ability as a society in general to have developed a thick skin and not let it bother us.
    i dont know how good or bad that is.....

  15. @ secret agent....

    you sadist you....i likes ya ...:))))

  16. i love the screaming silently - it speaks so loud..