Tuesday, 15 March 2011

a quietness prevails ~

In the stillness that precedes a tempest
a quietness prevails
in the quiet of an afternoon spent alone
a pause sucked swiftly back inside
chasms deep and wide
the comfort of everyday familiar things
dreams rooted in hammocks and porches get wings
a world away
a navy sky grows weary of the blue


This is my first post for ONE SHOT WEDNESDAY I am indebted to Jilli and Brian for introducing me to this or i may very well never have known about it and missed reading interacting and more importantly for being able to peep inside the minds and hearts of so many amazing poets from around the world.


  1. love the flow of your words...and the thought of hammocks brings peace...esp under a blue sky...just want to sigh and let the breeze rock me...

  2. Wonderful, Sonny!
    Brings back memories of my repeatedly falling off swings and hitting my head, though. Which explains a few things about me...

  3. ah - peaceful and beautiful words - makes me wanna put my soul on that swing..

  4. I enjoyed the flow here... and the vivid image of the hammock under the sky... I liked it so much.

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... praying for People of Japan
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  5. "dreams rooted in hammocks and porches get wings / a world away" Well said. Very nice photo too.

  6. @ fridge....dont tell me !....everytime i strike that 70's heroine pose...and think i am reclining in a hammock...i end up falling off..

  7. @ dustus...i dont think any one single soul can safely fess up to not daydreaming in hammocks n porches...

  8. claudia........thaaaaaaaaaank you...it means a lot to me, coming from you...

  9. gautami...if you found it soothing...then it was worth penning it...

  10. Quietly beautiful poem, Sonny, evoking a sense of change coming. Well done.

  11. Shhhh! Such a lovely moment captured, it's what I long for and dream of! Wonderful :) Welcome to Onestop...you'll fast become addicted! :)

  12. Sonny, a beautiful and peaceful flow of words.
    I love the photo, too.