Thursday, 16 June 2011



Flinching from cultural insult
a defiance that refuses to wilt 
bent on survival
on disproving
the worlds definition of us
bent on preserving
the right to dream
the garb is not what it seems

 its not a revolution
its not a slap
a scoff 

a standoff
to forceful ethnic cleansing
its about boring things
it makes for bad trp ratings
its just a mindset
an avowal
of being
bent on survival

sonny ~[ all rights reserved for the photo ]


  1. you're touching hot iron here sonny..huge topic in france at the moment and discussions if they will forbid women carrying garbs. i've seen just lately a woman in the shopping center and there was even a net before her eyes and i don't know if she was sad but i felt like crying..

  2. i wouldn't cry claudia...not until i asked the woman what SHE WANTED.
    the rules ought to be the same for everybody...everywhere....the freedom decide for themselves....
    if a woman feels comfortable covering her head and face....and wants to do so....she should very well be allowed to decide for herself...if she doesnt...then that also ought to be her prerogative....notwithstanding her gender, religion or what country she is in...

    that being said...i am also of the opinion that while in as the romans one must be aware and respectful of the customs and traditions of whichever country one is in....

    the photograph was clicked in india...the women were not suppressed or pressurised into being dressed like that....their daughters were dressed in tees n denims and they were on their way to work...sharing the same public mode of conveyance rubbing shoulders with the men...smiles....

  3. hey there stranger...i agree on the freedom, once we start impinging on one we easily begin on another...

  4. Is that a digital photo, Sonny?!
    I love how it's so vibrant yet feels so vintage at the same time... a wonderful effect...

  5. the photo and the poem discuss something that is about freedom, customs, states and so much more, where a simple comment is left wanting.

  6. just spinning through...been months since you last posted but figured i would say hi...smiles.

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  8. hI SONY YES IT WORKED lol;)

  9. LOL I cant read this font!