Thursday, 9 August 2012

of waves crashing and some sepia thoughts....

 Staring out of the lighthouse window
as it guides with its neon light...
ships that pass each other in the night...
a distant foghorn, the receding haunting voice,
or do they pass each other by, out of choice.

i ponder over the cargo they haul,
warm ordinary human enthusiasm
a baggage of emotions long denied
all pushed behind a stark white wall?

Running my tongue over my lips
i taste a long forgotten kiss.....
notes from a saxophone, swaying my hips,
those carefree days ,how dearly i miss.

The vivid colours of my dupatta that never stayed in place
laughing out loud, the crinkly lines on your face...
those crazy days ,when passion ruled,
i manned my own ship...
fate sat in a chair and simply drooled.

That same passion, that conquers reason still....
this renaissance is a must, at times uphill.
unlike nash, i have no bone to pick with fate,
like rare old wine, i too am maturing late.

The chill in the air, warms my breath
turning back towards the steps, i hug myself
cold as death.....

Sensations of this night are not meant to be defined,
elusive.....refusing a tag of any kind.
my mind's shutter flashes images in black and white
fading now......
like ships that passed away in the night.

sonny [all rights reserved ]


  1. so good sonny! and great to see much packed into that last bit on the emotions of the night not meant to be defined...the first part that really grabbed me was...i ponder over the cargo they haul,
    warm ordinary human enthusiasm
    a baggage of emotions long denied

  2. brian ! good to see you too....:))
    how have you been...?

    and thank you...

  3. Love the photo Sonika but then, I am a big fan of the ocean! I probably don't understand the poem but I rarely do and it IS interesting . . . interesting imagery, as usual for you.

    1. i love this particular one ozzie....i actually stood and recorded the sound of the waves crashing on my blackberry to listen to at night ...when i am stuck in some desert somewhere....

      u r allowed to jus gloss over the

      zanks for stopping by....

  4. You have a beautiful way with words ... such vivid imagery ... such a poet ...

  5. So much came from such a great pic
    Your rhyming is also rather slick
    Guess rhyming at Brian's see
    Was good for you and me haha
    As it brought me here
    For a cheer

    1. drat pat
      yours isn't half bad either
      am glad you stopped by wither
      i fink we owe brian one
      the blokes a decent son of a gun
      minus the pun....:))

    2. Brian will get his due
      That much is true
      May not be a want
      But I will surely taunt

  6. It reminds me of late evening at my local beach. We can hear the waves crashing on the beach when the surf is up even though we are about 2Km from the sea. There is an old lighthouse north of here which would delight you I think.

  7. am sure it would...i am always torn....cold foggy misty mountains or waves crashing on the beach at night...a shack at either....:)

  8. i like where the view from the lighthouse took you...i love lighthouses..always wanted to live in one...smiles.. and the ships that carry their loads, meeting or passing each other by... great metaphor for life as much in our choice.. a very reflective write..and great to see you writing again.. welcome back...smiles

  9. thank you claudia...smilesbackatya...

  10. Hello Sonny, good to see you on Blogger - you have a beautiful blog. Thanks for visiting mine.
    Good to be in contact again.

    Great photo and poem!

    1. thank you trying to make it feel like home slowly and learn the ropes....:)

  11. This is beautiful, Sonny!!!
    I had an idea in mind for a sea-inspired post or two, but to tell you the truth they just seem a bit silly now... after this!!! So nice! It's wonderful to see you back here sharing your great talents with everyone!

    1. fridge....!!!!
      lemme stop grinning before i reply...:))
      there is nothing that you ever post that is even remotely less than the work of a genius ...stop being modest ....

      but thank you....:)

  12. so much depth to this, love the images it conjures..I need to read..and re-read..awesome writing :)

  13. A beautiful write as always Sonny thanks for your visit and comment, I am sure your right God does have a big plan;)
    BTW you need to read my blog about unsettling word check for your guests I have to write a word and a number every time to prove I am not a robot LOL;)

  14. I thought the official launch was today. ;-o

  15. You paint me such wonderful images... the world is your canvas, and you are a master of each keystroke. If I had but a portion of your talent...

    1. precious words to me duckie....sincerely.....