Thursday, 16 August 2012

those knots......

Did the many arise from one urge?
was it from the primordial mud
that came the first desire?

where was the beginning?
how long has it been?

is it in each one who seeks twoness
and in each two who seek oneness?

to be stuffed with sensations and starved of feelings
Can we choose, not to love?

sonny [ all rights reserved ]



  1. Hi Sonny, really like this one.

  2. Yes, you can choose not to love, much the same way you can choose not to live ...

  3. Good Morning Sonny beautiful words and Imagery to enjoy with my coffee have a great daevening;)

  4. can we choose not to love? what a sad state that would be ....really interesting dance and progression in this one....i like it much...

  5. Knot in the line
    Knot by this feline
    Knot sure about some things
    But no knoty love at somes wings
    Knot a fate I like
    That knot can take a hike haha