Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Solitude ~


Solitude can be such a cozy partner
indulges us with the most soulful conversations
a million bifurcations
the what ifs
and the just -in-cases
flights of wishful fancies to unknown places
me and my solitude
we do this often enough

if he was here.....this is what he would say
oh this , would definitely annoy him
and that --would make him roll his head back
laugh uproariously......

and my solitude.....we do this often enough
on days when the going gets rough
the ache refuses to subside
and the rawness seems so alive
accessible and throbbing

my solitude and me
we give breathing space to our thoughts
i say , its a damned fine plot
we play dreamcatchers
and insist on hammering it out
sit under the shower
and draw smiley faces on the bathroom mirror
watch joy shoot out like a slingshot
grin at our own inside joke
as the drawings drip and blot

on some mornings... he sits across the room
watching me wake up
still in the throes of sleep...
of sleep and convictions
that get washed away with the first sliver of dawn
a willing pawn
still lost --- focused
as if trying to etch every detail of my lovebugs face
burn it so deep into my head
that it lingers long after i am dead
seemingly inconsequential things

the tilt of his head
the mole on his neck
pronouncing his o's as u's

i stretch and the solitude comes closer
i hum lines in hindi
hoping to beguile him

tu badan hai....mein hoon chaaya
tu na ho....to mein kahan hoon
mujhe pyaar karne waale
tu jahan hai
 mein wahan hoon

he nestles closer
and i rest my head
in the crook of his arm

we just do less for awhile
and don't feel guilty
about doing it all

© Sonny

 another wonderful night of poetry at dVerse,



  1. snap sonny this is really good...love the personification of your solitude....an old friend...draw smiley faces on the bathroom mirror
    watch joy shoot out like a slingshot
    grin at our own inside joke
    as the drawings drip and blot....love the playfulness in that...all part of its enchantement you know...smiles.....really good...

  2. sometimes....you sit down to write....and its like a damn has been opened and words flow....

    thank you....means a lot , coming from you...smiles...

  3. awesome job! i can totally relate...

  4. This is exquisite, Sonny. So many good things happen in solitude if we are open to it.

  5. Ditto to the comments above. I loved reading this. Solitude can be a good friend.

  6. oh i like much...such a tender voice in this...love the painting smiley faces on fogged up mirrors and the singing in hindi...beautiful magic woven in this...

  7. Solitude can be the best of friends at times for sure, like how you weaved it to be an actual living being too. Enjoy my solitude for sure.

  8. This strange romance will catch you unaware some day ... perhaps the day you discover that solitude has a human heart and does not want alone-companionship at all ... lovely poem, I enjoyed reading it ...

  9. I found this an incredibly moving poem - the solitude there as a presence but also like the serious absence of a person. Very moving. k.

  10. Sometimes I think I am in love with solitude.

  11. Tender and moving...an awesome write.

  12. When rawness seems alive ---- luv that line. It's presence is there in the solitude. I've often wondered why those detailed faces we try so hard to burn into our memory fade with time. Sometimes we need that space more than we are willing to admit. That space of solitude. :). Lovely write. I'm longing for some of your cool music now to listen too :) xxx

  13. Its great to see that people are sharing quite profitable information with each other and now we can move our selves to a new era.


  14. Is that a picture of what I think it is, Mannu? :)

    Good writing, as usual!