Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Just this.......

  so close.

Who knew that the
piercing cry of a cicada leads to a restlessness
so benign ...
you reassure you are...
but are you really mine
something about being alone ,
as this north wind chills the bones
it stares at my face
seemingly taunts
There's something...
something small....that i achingly want.
                                 I want it gentle and i want it slow
                                     i too want to be suffused
                                         with that enviable glow
                                            to know the feel
                           how you write
                                       your name on my back... 
                                                                         with just a finger
                                     tracing the contours ....
                                                                   let it

                                                                                                                     when the world goes quiet
                                                                                                        in the pale glow of the streetlights
                                                                          will you simply hold me tight ?


                                                               When words refuse to cooperate and i get all tongue tied
                                                                                                  will you read each  unspoken syllable
                                                                                                                           written in my eyes.... ?
                                                                                                                       with each heaving breath
                                                                                                              as i hide my face in your chest
                                                                                                                     flushed in a crimson tide...
                                                                                                                            my hair all messed up
                                                                                                                         i know i will look a sight
                                                                                                         in that moment of uncertainty ...
                                                                                                             will you please hold me tight ?


Through the pores of your hand
the path that you trace
                           could you 
                                         umm....seal it with a kiss
                  at each secret place ?
       and in this soft silence....
                                     with naught a word uttered
                  again and again
                  all through the night
                                                                  promise to gather me close
                                                                   and hold on tight...

and maybe
maybe then
chewing on this lower lip
in consternation will lessen
and the heart wont pine
and i will know....that you really are mine...

© Sonny

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  1. A lingering longing passionate write :) beautiful

  2. dang...there are some really fine intimate moments in this....the writing of the name on the back...the reading hte unspoken or unspeakable in the eyes...the desire for gentleness and just being held....the desire as well for the reassurance...like this much sonny

  3. love all the felt intimacy in this...the closeness..not only with the body but with the mind...the questions..so good when there's room and trust to ask them..love the writing his name on your back..for the way i can feel it and for the symbolism as well...

  4. There MUST be music set to this...if not in physical fashion, at least in your head. Such a lyrical, musical write! Wonderful engagement of the reader...but I'm waiting to hear it sung! Awesome!

  5. This is beautiful Sonny, taking me to a place where I seem to be stuck. I could feel your need.

  6. Great flow and the arguement within type feel was very well done. Intimate as well but that I surely don't need to tell.


  7. hey sonny

    seductive and close

    compelling to read :D

  8. Beautiful... love fingers on the back.

  9. You have captured the essence of real love ... which is not all hope and promise, but includes doubt and the barbed wire edge of loneliness-longing as well ...

    Beautiful poem, Sonny ...

  10. A sensuous longing....I would love some of that too. LOL
    Beautifully crafted, word mistress!

  11. Very sensual and loving. The intimacy of this shared love is a beautiful thing.

  12. Nice. You wrote something that sexy that remains sensual and loving. I like how you express the insecurity in the love making.

  13. A beautifully sensuous write loved it Sonny;)

  14. Very elegant and sexy poem, Mannu!

  15. Your writing - always sublime - brings much to mind and soul. Passionate, beautiful, aching...