Saturday, 18 August 2012

as summer walks the slow walk again......

 chunky big splotches of colors
a canvas of blazing blue
 a mellow sun's last symphony
chugging out some unexpected hues
 baggy t shirts
a garden watered to the core
pariah kites in swirling abandon
bug bites and open pores
bare skin
sweaty pecks
on napes of necks
summer equinox
dusk walking the slow walk
sticky sweet monotony of solitary hours
swinging in the hammock
ankles and arms interlocked
moss roses in hanging pots
some newly churned out thoughts
sheer muslin memories
in sluggish spurts
when did silence
become so hard to cut ?

sonny[all rights reserved]


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  1. that sun symphony....ouch on that last questions the imagery of hte hammock and moss roses as well...would not mind a nap in one right now...smiles...

    1. the picture was taken lying back in the hammock you know...must share a picture of the hammock itself some time....

      thanks brian....early morning then, when my mind is a little less fuzzy....i start reading others...smiles...

  2. Such a nice seen
    With nothing mean
    But maybe a little heat
    That might be hard to beat
    And hmm to the last question
    Not sure I'd want to make a suggestion

  3. there's nothing meaner
    than indian summer
    trust me on that mr. pat
    it can be a real bummer
    but its still something i
    await eagerly each year
    when the harsh winters get
    too much to bear
    each summer leaves an indelible print
    of aught i can take the hint....:))

  4. I enjoyed this very much. What a beautiful painting of summer. These are my favorites:

    "a mellow sun's last symphony"
    "pariah kites in swirling abandon"
    "sticky sweet monotony of solitary hours"

  5. This is just lovely - I especially like your juxtapositions and internal rhymes - the sweaty pecks on napes of necks juxtaposed with summer equinox. I also like the end very much - the sheer muslin memories and the silent difficult to cut. k.

  6. that's an excellent closure. lovely images, beautiful!

  7. Takes me back about 40 years when darkened wine bars were the vogue and intense young people read their poetry to anyone who would listen. This is very evocative of summer.

  8. nice...we have a hammock in the garden as daughter brought it from bolivia..very cool summer symphony...well played on all the strings...and i enjoyed listening to all the subtones..

  9. Lovely take on summer, that long slow summer know them well.

  10. Beautiful, the imagery invokes, sweat, fragrances, lazy days, life as it can be summer time.

  11. What a sweet melody for summer and such a gorgeous photo. I love the comfort of unexpected hues and late summer and the interlocking and the muslin memories. Very pretty. :)

  12. This is pure summer- great images and flow....this felt like everything summer should be

  13. Summer's mosaic of colours ... love your poem ...

  14. Wonderful in it's depth with overtones a great summer piece

  15. ...................

  16. lovely! and nice capture of the swallow in the clouds!