Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pirouetting melodies trailing me home


i've felt the numerous unspoken dreams in those eyes
 i've seen the yearning behind the confident facade
is there a name for this?
isnt it enough that i felt it
it is after all just a feeling
to be felt in your soul......

fingers busy , trying to fit the key into the lock
the mind an absolute blank and yet this deep rooted urgency to record
each frame as it had happened or even while it was happening
for all the times to come
she knew without a doubt that today would be the scale against which all first meetings
would forever be measured against
biting that lower lip furiously
she still couldn't wipe the grin off her face
grinning not smiling
grinning like idiots was how they had sat in the car
talking about mundane things like beggars and price of gas
there hadn't been any need to say...shake hands ...introduce oneself or smile that first polite smile
an instant easy camaraderie riding high on under currents
while they talked, traversed the traffic
her sub conscious stretched herself out into a diva pose hissing in her ears

stop staring at your feet dork....look up....see his eyes resting on your hand...deliberating on the right moment to hold it and lighting a cigarette instead

 he took her hand the minute they entered through the gate and started walking towards the ruins....unapologetic ..whence...of their own accord his fingers entwined hers , unapologetic in the way his eyes traveled slowly starting somewhere near her ear lobe and moved down towards the point where the neck meets the shoulder....and when she paused to take a the way...he tucked that lone strand of hair behind her ear .

he noticed all of her and she pretended not to notice

and maybe it was this...this very the atmosphere...that put her at ease . None of it felt wrong.

softly like footsteps fading away
if every stirring was analyzed
reason behind that warm rush of joy
on hearing that treasured laugh
or a slow smile
a moment shared
isn't it enough that we felt it..

all this while...the conversation
and laughter
the carefree kinds
flowed and filled up the cracks in the cobble stoned path they walked upon

and when he took a side turning , what was it she had said ?........

" why are we taking the longer route ? the main entrance is in front ! "

He had looked at her indulgently and said...." its called delaying gratification  "

" and thats called an innuendo ".....she had replied

he had thrown his head back and laughed...impulsively lifting their still entwined fingers and placing a kiss on the back of her hand

she'd read a phrase once----" a parade of soft first kisses trailing behind us , the sort of little bread crumbs , that i sure as hell hope, Gretel grew up to enjoy... "  Now she knew , what it meant....

Then there was the moment , when trying to cross the road , she had grabbed his arm...a little above the elbow and later marveled at how natural and simple it had felt if she had repeated this same actions millions of times before...that feeling of deja vu

turning the key that finally fitted , she unlocked the door
and walked inside
knowing fully well
about firsts

about the futility of dwelling on them

little gusts of wind that comes...lifts your hair a bit and lets you breathe......
reminding you little details about yourself , which sometimes
one forgets
in this business of daily living


like my secret box of memories , taken out now and then.... 
as i sit all alone looking out of my window , 
and feel again
the pleasure of undefined moments
undefined bonding 
undefined silence 
that speaks a thousand words
yes..... its enough that we've felt it
because, some things in life are simply to be felt
its enough....

© Sonny
A very interesting exercise at dverse this rein to your imagination , and weaving poetry and prose together....irresistible to me .....!


  1. woww....tinkling joy and many inner conversations..
    very vivid images....this was flowing like a river....with all its sweet gushing sound...

  2. The energy of imagination has no rules, but you already know that. You're weaving bits of experience into a tapestry of life ... and you're not done yet ...

    1. no..not quite done yet....
      are we ever ?

  3. Beautiful, Sonny-- you take us through the emotional labyrinth of the encounter and aftermath.... xxxj

  4. biting that lower lip furiously.... NOW I am worried..... lol... kidding....

    but no, you have run with it beautifully! wow.....

  5. ah i really love that last stanza and the memory box, it makes the story so tangible...a cool story as well of her and the man, particularly the grabbing of the arm and how it feels....the cause conversation you let us in on... and i agree some things in life are meant to be felt, simple enough

  6. Beautifully penned. I enjoyed this as it played out, and how the key fit, and I love the idea of the secret box of memories and contemplating what such a secret box of memories would hold and how nice it would be to pick a memory and view it once again on a wistful day.

  7. Very pretty poem - I love the cadence of the walk and movements and words. k.

  8. Outstanding!
    What a wonderful story and the telling of it is superb!
    And I so agree with the message; sometimes, the feeling is enough; in fact, I believe whatever we experience is enough, because... it is what it is. Enjoy it!

  9. Great job with the story, really sucked the cat in. The little box of memories can sure be something to treasure, even if alone.

  10. i like when moments expand beyond the visible into this realms of feeling that make them so special.. from outside it's just everyday but there's so much depth if one would look closer..very cool write sonny

  11. Beautiful both prose and poem form. I was hoping it had a happy ending and yet, I suppose there is happiness in sometimes looking back on what we enjoyed too.
    Very creative and very enjoyable read!

  12. You really move in and out and through effortlessly here. A blend of action and reflection that beautifully builds an emotional response in the reader. The sense of exploration, expectation, and acceptance is wonderful, enhanced by the admixture of elements from both prose and poetry. I agree, creative and enjoyable!

  13. beautifully interwoven... the feelings expressed so evocatively ~ simple things yet the stuff that life and love are made up of. i LOVE this! i don't know about you, but i thoroughly enjoyed this form. {smile}

  14. beautiful images, wonderful words... what more to ask for?
    great work!

  15. this is great sonny. first dates always feel electric to me, every nerve ending overcharged... especially when it goes so well. you paint a great picture here, great flow, love the format.

    "she'd read a phrase once----" a parade of soft first kisses trailing behind us , the sort of little bread crumbs , that i sure as hell hope, Gretel grew up to enjoy... " Now she knew , what it meant...."

    really liked that.

  16. Wow babe, that was excellent writing and a great read. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  17. Sorry to be so late, just life's burdens. Creative use of the form to explore an imaginative tale

  18. I'd never read any of your poetry/prose before joining your page here on blogger, but so glad I've started. Your literal imagery is fascinating.

  19. This is lovely, a memory of one of life's treasures, even if, later, things don't turn out perfectly, we always have those memories, hidden away in the box of our heart.