Tuesday, 9 October 2012

three kinds of lonely


today has been smoothly haphazard
organized chaos or chaos organized
closing my fist around a ray of sunlight
honey gold
and warm
imbibing the fluidity of a bumble-bee
drunk on life
or hoping to at least
shrugging my shoulders at the pariah kite
always with 10,000 reasons to fly away

do you see me


pressed between the pages of your old spiral notebook
forgotten under the succulent syllables of poetry
you penned many moons ago

today has been haphazardly smooth
of wayward thoughts supremely uncouth
i pedaled to greener pastures
climbed a high
munched on the lows
pocketing that final piece
of a never ending puzzle
called 'us'
trapping it forever
under the weight of right answers

Today i pulled out my bicycle ....put my breakfast in an old lunch box.....pedaled towards india gate....along rajpath....found this old structure one could climb up onto.....settled down to read my book...take a few pics.....marinate in some thoughts and sunlight....soak it all up.....

Its open link night at dverse ...:)



  1. I really like this post Sonny. I followed you all the way even though I fell off my bike. lol

  2. Smoothly haphazard. Great write.

  3. Marinate in some thoughts, love this.

  4. Great photo series with fun word chaperones!

  5. pocketed that last little piece of the puzzle of us....like that line...and the organized chaos...that is my life right there...ha...i really do know where everything is but you will never find it...smiles....i like you little cairn too...esp after i realized it was on a finger print...

  6. Pictures of a carefree day, amidst thoughts caught under the weight of ...what? Right answers, and forgotten poetry.. great juxtaposition of ideas. You've captured the fun of a bike ride in the sun too..oh that's such a nice feeling.

  7. Three kinds of lonely shared becomes less so.

  8. Excellent post... beautiful shots! Thanks for your visit and kind words.

  9. Thought provoking indeed, the never ending puzzle would sure puzzle with no piece to fill the hole, my ocd would not like such a goal haha

  10. oh nice...i love to bike and i love to picknick and read..sounds fantastic...in open nature everything is just better...

  11. "today has been smoothly haphazard
    organized chaos or chaos organized"

    Sometimes it's hard to tell which one it is :)What a lovely idea, to bike, eat, and read in the sun. I'm sure it helped to bring back the sanity. Nice pics, too.

  12. Love the peek into your beautiful world....the photos are awesome!

  13. Forgotten under the poetry you penned many moons ago. I like that. Wonderful write sn pics :)

  14. someday, I'll have this kind of free time! Till then, I'll just enjoy yours. :)

  15. all my days are chaotic these days, it seems, nothing organised, but to sit quietly and read yours is pure heaven. Oh when will I ever have time to just go hap hazard of somewhere with a sandwich and a book. *sigh*

  16. With a basket in front carrying books, camera, flowers (read breakfast) . . . . . . déjà vu . . . . . re-cycled thoughts !

  17. Love to meander around with your thoughts. Love the photo of the bicycle!